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"This is YOUR Life... No one can live it....
No one can change it.... NO ONE BUT YOU..."

- Tony Barca, CPT

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I have been in the Healthcare field for 25 years as a Radiologic Technologist. I have been in the entertainment field for 40 years as a musician. I have come to a realization at this point in my life. I have skills and a talent for MOTIVATION. I have come to an understanding at this point in my life. You are never too old, too young, too healthy or too out of shape to eat well and exercise.

Just over four years ago at age 53, I had a heart attack. While recuperating I was able to assess my life and life-style. In retrospect I wasn't unhealthy or out of shape compared to the AVERAGE person. During my recovery I got involved with a great cardiac rehabilitation center at the local hospital. After the insurance approved rehabilitation period expired I took the next step and joined the local YMCA. I had quit smoking cigarettes, which was a great stride for a long-time smoker and it was a step in the right direction. I paid more attention to what I ate. For months and months I puttered through the facility, waiting on lines for machines and "working out" like most other members of the gym, however it didn't seem I was achieving desired results.

Until it clicked. Like most people who know they need to get in "better" shape, I had been in denial. I recognized that and focused my energy. I started to apply a cohesive exercise and eating program. In 3 short months I changed my whole life. I lost more than 40 pounds from my "pre-heart attack" weight, as well as many inches. I was “at the right place at the right time” both physically and mentally. I applied sensible, healthy eating with a sensible, healthy exercise program. I incorporated simple cardiovascular training with strength training and worked my way into a better lifestyle in the comfort of my own home. I accomplished more in 3 short months of focused application than I had in nearly the 2 years prior. I have accomplished things that I would have never dreamed possible even 20 years ago. I recently completed an extreme fitness program, similar to Navy Seal training that brought me to the peak physical performance level of my life. This radical change was simply the result of being receptive to what my body really needed, what my system required- a simple, balanced lifestyle. No charts or graphs, no machines, no lines, no pills, no fasts, no special diets, no excuses.

Since so many people have asked me "how did you do it?” and so many people have asked my advice or my opinion, it encouraged me to take the next step. Certified Personal Trainer. I can pass on what I have learned to people that are receptive and willing to change their lives, right now.

I hope I have your attention. Motivation is a driving force in life that allows us to attain our goals. Some people are fortunately self-motivated. For others, having someone to guide and help them become accountable to their commitments is key to their success. I want to make you accountable for your commitment to change your current level of fitness. I want to support you when you need it and encourage you when you surpass your own expectations. The time to change things is now. Take the first step. I have had many years of experience working with and for the people of this community. I have come to integrate my knowledge of healthcare with my passion as an entertainer in combination with my enthusiasm and understanding for good health and fitness.

My personal motivation has been the desire and need to spend many more years with my wife and 8 year-old daughter. You have your own reasons, your own motivation for improving your muscle tone, slimming your waist, increasing your life expectancy or improving the overall quality of your life. You can change things now if you are ready to make the commitment. I can help you. Someone recently asked me if I was on a "DIET", I answered simply, "No, I am enjoying a LIFE-STYLE".

I invite you to join me on this journey to a new, healthier and better life-style.

Tony Barca, C.P.T.

*Fitness *Health *Opportunity

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